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WP Rocket Review (2022) – the Best WordPress Caching Plugin?

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Website caching is important because it makes your web pages load faster. This leads to a better user experience as the visitor doesn’t have to wait for very long to get their answer.

Importantly, Google considers page speed as one of the ranking factors. So, when you are optimizing your page for speed, you are ticking one of the most important SEO factors.

For WordPress users, there are many free and paid options for caching. And, if you are looking for the most popular, effective, and trusted caching plugin for your website, WP Rocket can be the solution for you.

WP Rocket Overview

It’s a WordPress caching plugin that was first released in 2013 to handle the problem of slow websites and complex cache files. It immediately gained popularity due to its user-friendly interface and straightforward configuration options. As one of the most popular plugins for speeding up WordPress web pages, WP Rocket now powers more than 1M websites.

Aside from the fact that the plugin is paid and there is no free trial, it manages the cache in which web page data is saved so that these pages can be improved faster without the need for complex coding.

Among other things, the WP Rocket plugin caches a temporary copy of a website’s pages, so that the next time a visitor tries to use the website, the pages will be cached. This decreases the time or pressure on server resources and improves the site’s speed, as well.

To speed up your website, WP Rocket:

  • Compresses Javascript, CSS, and HTML files
  • Creates cache of web pages
  • Provides the image lazyload feature
  • And more

WP Rocket Features

This plugin has gone viral due to its many useful features that help to speed up your website.
To list a few features, there are:

1- Easy to use and suitable for everyone

The WP Rocket plugin can be used by anyone, regardless of their experience level:

If they want to speed up their sites, they can do so with ease.

As a result of its scalability and optimization, and the control panel’s many options, you may make more advanced settings.

2- Optimize the website’s speed to the maximum

Does the WP Rocket plugin really make my site run more quickly?
Rather than describing how effectively the WP Rocket plugin increases site speed, I needed to show you actual results from a test website, therefore the process went as follows:

GTmetrix was used to measure speed on a demo website that had not previously been optimized, and the results were double-checked to ensure correct.

Before using the WP Rocket plugin

Performance is 68%, Structure is 98%, the Load Time is 2.7 seconds, the Total Page Size is 857KB, and there are 70 requests in the GTmetrix test results.

before using wp rocket
Before using wp rocket

After using WP Rocket

When the plugin was used, with all of the default options except for allowing HTML and CSS, these are the results for the same website:

Loading time was reduced to 1.1 seconds, Performance to 96%, and Structure to 100%. the Total Page Size was also reduced to 607 kilobytes, and the number of requests was 24. impressive right?

after wp rocket

As you can see, WP Rocket provided excellent results, with a page speed reduction of 1 second in GTmetrix, a 70% reduction in requests, and a 20% reduction in page size.

3- It’s compatible with many other Plugins

The ease of use and compatibility with third-party plugins, and servers are what set Web Rocket differently.

Some of the plugins that are compatible:

  • WPML, qTranslate, or Polylang.
  • E-commerce plugins such as WooCommerce, Easy Digital Download.
  • Security plugins such as iThemes plugins.
  • XML sitemap and SEO plugins
  • Cookies plugins such as GDPR and bbPress Cookie Notice.
  • Page builder plugins such as Elementor and Beaver Builder.
  • Web servers such as Apache, Nginx, Microsoft IIS, LiteSpeed
  • Most hosting companies like hostinger, Bluehost, Hostgator, Siteground, Cloudways

4- Content Delivery Network (CDN) compatibility

Website files and content can be delivered to many servers based on the visitor’s location using a CDN. The Rocket Web Plugin needs to be integrated with this feature in order to get the best possible speed for websites.

When using a CDN service, whether it’s built into your hosting plan or purchased separately, you should use WP Rocket in combination with it to further improve your site’s performance.

wp rocket cdn
WP Rocket CDN

5- Optimizes media files with WP Rocket

There is no secret that images and videos slow down websites, however, WP Rocket includes some tools to help improve this situation.

wp rocket media
WP Rocket Media

As a first, it supports Lazy Loading, which means that images and videos will not start to load until the visitor has scrolled down to see them. You don’t want to waste server resources by downloading media files automatically when a page is opened.

Emojis can also be added to your posts and pages using WP Rocket, rather than having to download them from WordPress.org. There are some free plugins to compress images such as Imagify and Tinypng plugins to minimize file size and improve loading time, so don’t forget to use one.

6- Database optimization

WP Rocket provides database optimization features, including options to clean outdated posts, drafts, and discarded posts, as well as comments that have been deleted or flagged as spam.

wp rocket database
WP Rocket Database

In addition, WP Rocket offers two ways to optimize and clean up the databases: either on a regular basis in accordance with specified schedules (automatically) a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule can be used, or manually.

7-Minify and combine JS and CSS files.

In addition to reducing the size of media files, the WP Rocket plugin also reduces the size of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML files. Using the plugin’s minification feature, you may remove unnecessary spaces, comments, commas, and characters from the code of your WordPress website.

The site’s bandwidth usage and caching will be lowered as a result of this optimization.

8- mobile phone caching

To see the WP Rocket team taking care of mobile users is a good sign. For faster loading speeds on smartphones and tablets, you can enable mobile caching in your settings menu.

wp rocket mobile cache
WP Rocket Mobile Cache

9- Compatibility with e-commerce tools

Speed up online stores, which is one of WP Rocket’s functions, or integrate with WordPress e-commerce plugins by automatically Preloading store pages from the cache.

10- cache Lifespan

Yes, the plugin caches files in order to improve site performance. It allows you to clean it after updating pages; you may have made changes while visitors use the site, and this adds these updates so that users get the most up-to-date information, and you can clean the cache manually or use a feature to clean it on automatically.

wp rocket cache lifespan
WP Rocket Cache Lifespan

The cache’s lifetime can be set to a day, several hours, or several minutes. It also allows you to enable or disable caching for logged-in users because registered users see different content than non-registered users.

WP Rocket’s web optimizer also allows you to exclude certain content, such as the login page or the shopping cart, by excluding their URLs, as well as selecting other pages.

To do so, enter the URL of the page, article, or content in the Never Cache URL(s).

wp rocket never cache URL
WP Rocket never cache URL

WP Rocket Settings and Features

To install the plugin on your website, you must first purchase it. Use the link below to get 20% off.

1- how to do install it

Unlike other plugins that can be installed from WordPress, the WP Rocket plugin must be manually installed on your WordPress.

install wordpress plugin
install WordPress plugin

After Downloading the plugin, navigate to the WordPress dashboard > “plugins” > “add new” > Upload Plugin > Choose file or drag and drop the zip file you downloaded > then click “Install Now” > after click “activate”.

2- Settings and Setup

After installing and activating the plugin, go to Settings > WP Rocket or go to WP Rocket in the admin bar up > Settings, that is what your WP Rocket looks like.

wp rocket settings
WP Rocket Dashboard

From there go to Cache > then check on “enable cache for mobile devices”, “separate cache for mobile devices”, you can check “Enable caching for logged-in WordPress users” but it’s optional.

in “Cache Lifespan”, change the number to “10“, then click save changes.

Check the video for full setup WP Rocket settings.


WP Rocket Plans and Pricing

As we mentioned, the WordPress Web Rocket site acceleration plugin is paid, and there is no version or trial period, and it comes with three plans:

  • Single plan: includes 1 site and 1 year of optimization and comes for $49.
  • Plus plan: Includes three sites for a year, at $99.
  • Infinite plan: You can use the plugin on an unlimited number of websites, it also comes for a year at a price of $249.

If you use my link you get 20% off, the offer is limited, Get The Deal Now.

wp rocket prices
WP Rocket Pricing

Each plan includes a year of support and updates, and if you want to try the extension before purchasing it, it comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee and up to 50% discount when you renew. You can find more information about the plans here.

You may be wondering if it is worthwhile to pay $49 for the WP Rocket plugin, yes, there are many other plugins that offer a free trial or are completely free, such as WP Total Cache or WP Super Cache. However, if you try them, you will find out a lot of complexity with setup.


  • Significantly reduces the page loading time
  • Image optimization reduces the size and in turn, loading time
  • Helpful and comprehensive getting started guide
  • Very easy to set up and use
  • Regular updates keep it bug-free and compatible with WordPress


  • Ticket (contact form) is only way of contacting customer support
  • WP Roket doesn’t offer a free trial

Final Thoughts

If you don’t want a complicated caching plugin, WordPress Rocket is for you. Not only it’s very easy to set up and use, but it actually works as you saw in the tests.

Although you don’t have the option of trying it out with a free trial, the plugin has a few features that can really add to your website’s speed.

100% Recommended


Get the Deal now, 20% OFF.

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