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What Is a Domain Name? Guide for Beginners 2022

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The domain is the website address that you type into the browser to access a specific website, such as google.com and facebook.com.

As for the types of domains, they are numerous, and each type of domain has a specific concept or meaning of the idea of the site.

In this lesson, we will explain what a domain name is, how it works and its types in detail, as well as how to choose the best domain.

What is a Domain Name?

The Domain is the address of the website on the Internet, which is written in this way www.DomainName.com and has 3 main parts in its composition

Back to the invention of the web address, the addresses of Websites were IP addresses, and they were written as follows:

However, as Internet use has grown, it has become more difficult for users to remember the names of websites written in this format.

As a result, it was designed to be more user-friendly. The Domain Server is a new server responsible for replacing domain names with IP numbers to make it easier for users to access websites.

As a result of the introduction of the domain server, this development of domain names resulted in a significant increase in purchase requests and domain registrations from big businesses seeking to reach consumers.

The most common domain extensions

Before 2010, the most common and used domain extensions were 10, after which hosting companies introduced non-traditional extensions.

Domains with meaning and a unique character, some of which have proven successful and achieved significant sales, while others have gone unnoticed, particularly when registering for free hosting. However, you will get a meaningless Free Domain.

The most commonly used domain is the .com domain, so I recommend that any newcomer choose this extension and the other extensions for their site that we will discuss soon.

the most common and used domain extensions

.com – intended for corporate and commercial use. (most used domain name)
.Net – for Internet-based organizations
.org – for governmental and private organizations
.Edu – for educational institutions
.gov – government agencies
.mil – for military establishments

The domain name is composed of three parts, which are as follows:

what is domain name

It is a shortened form for “World Wide Web.” And typing it into your browser indicates that you require access to a website on the World Wide Web.

The domain name
The domain name is your brand’s name or your website’s name, for example, mrgeektips. It can be made up of letters, letters, numbers, or just numbers, including a (-) sign.

.com is an extension
After the dot is the third and final part of the domain name. And while I have provided the most common used extensions, there are over 100 different extensions.

> Check domain name and their meanings

Is free domain better than paid?

Of course not, paid domain does take a professional character and contains only the name or letters you used. Like our site. www.mrgeektips.com.

As for a free domain, the name of the site you register from is added to it, like: www.sitename.blogger.com, it doesn’t look professional at all.

What is a domain and how does it work?

The domain does not function on its own; it must be linked to a server or web hosting service.

By updating the DNS address in the domain control panel to the same hosting address, the domain is linked to the hosting or server.

After connecting the Domain, when the visitor types the name of the Domain into the browser (google.com), it displays the content stored in the hosting in front of them.

how domain work

What is a Domain Server (Domain Controller)?

The domain server is the primary record that retains the domain name while replacing it with the IP address.

And when you type the site’s name into the browser, the domain server transforms what you typed into the IP number of this domain, allowing you to download the site and begin browsing.

Domain Servers are one of the most significant servers in any large company’s data center, particularly in web hosting services.


One of the most critical characters of distinction is choosing a unique domain name and making it a unique brand that will make you well-known. You should buy from a popular company such as Hostinger, HostGator, Namecheap, Godaddy.

Choosing a unique domain name gives you a distinctive brand in the fastest time, do not rush when booking a domain and hosting, and choose a suitable name for your business.

Here we have explained what a domain is, its main components, and how it works. I hope that explaining the concept of a domain in this article has helped you understand what a domain means.

If you are going to buy a domain, make sure to register your domain name faster, it’s more likely that someone else will get it before you. So start now.

if you got any questions, do not hesitate to ask in comments down below.

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