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Newspaper Theme Review: PROS & CONS 2022 – Is It Good?

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WordPress theme Newspaper is designed for blogs, news, and e-magazine websites.

Other than that, the theme has recently been updated to provide ready-made website templates for various businesses.

You may use this review of the Newspaper theme to help you determine if this is the perfect theme for you if you are in the process of creating a new WordPress website.

When it comes to adding new content to your website, the theme prioritizes giving you a wide range of options and making it as simple as possible for your visitors to find the most relevant content.

Using the newspaper theme is a good option for many websites because of its many quality features.

First thing, let’s take a quick look at the Newspaper theme before going into more detail about some of the theme’s most important features.

Newspaper Theme Overview

newspaper homapage
Newspaper theme homepage

It has expanded from blogs and news sites to e-magazines and review sites.

A wide variety of pre-made templates are included in the newspaper theme (Demo)

In addition, the template includes lots of new tools you’ll need to start from scratch and build a top-notch website.

On ThemeForest, the template has sold more than 119,000 copies.

The user rating for the Newspaper theme is 4.82 out of 5.

newspaper theme review

However, new templates have been added lately that can be used for a broader range of websites due to the most recent updates 11.

Templates for restaurants, e-commerce, health, and services, highlight just a few of the fields included in the collection, making the template multi-functional.

newspaper demos
Newspaper Theme Demos

If you plan to sell physical and digital products or services online, there is a lot of support for e-commerce features.

  • First, let’s take a look at the newspaper’s most crucial features:
  • Attractive demos and pre-made templates that you can use.
  • Fully customizable through a user-friendly front-end interface.
  • A set of paid WordPress plugins are included with the theme at no additional charge.
  • Fast and Good technical support for all issues related to the theme.
  • New forms and templates are added regularly, and the template is regularly updated.

Even though this template was introduced in 2013, it is regularly updated and introduced us with new trendy ready-to-use templates.

Because of the template’s popularity and widespread use, its developers have a solid motivation to keep it up to date and solve any issues with the theme.

Newspaper Theme Features

There are a variety of pre-made templates for different types of websites included in the Newspaper theme that can be used with a click of a button on your website.

Also, you’ll get access to a vast library of templates for various types of websites (such as e-commerce pages and blog post templates).

In addition to the theme, you’ll get lots of new valuable plugins with it that let you completely customize the look of your website.

There are many features of the Newspaper template:

1- Design

The Newspaper template has a modern design that is suitable for today’s modern websites.

These layouts are based on a “Grid System” that allows you to apply your personal ideas and create the perfect style you want.

With a Newspaper theme, you don’t need to be an expert web developer or designer to build a powerful professional website.

Website designs can be built from scratch or selected from more than 90 ready-to-use templates with the click of a button and without any technical knowledge.

2- Pre-Built templates

newspaper pre built templates

With Newspaper, you can create any type of website, not just blogs or e-magazines like you would with most other WordPress themes.

More than 120 pre-built website template designs are included in the theme with a single click.

It is possible to install these templates with demo content to check what your website will look like, and you can then delete the demo content and replace it with your content.

Ready-made templates for the types of websites that can be created using the Newspaper template such as:

+ blogs.
+ E-magazines.
+ News websites.
+ Travel Websites.
+ e-commerce sites.
+ Health and beauty websites.
+ And more….

All of the included templates are easily customizable, even if there isn’t a pre-design that matches exactly what you want, you have the option to customize them to meet your requirements even further.

Newspaper’s template library (tagDiv Cloud Library) also includes ready-made templates for various elements of your website, such as:

2.1. Templates for Categories

Category templates are available regardless of which demo you choose for your website.

These templates allow you to show your content in a variety of styles.

All you have to do is select the template you wish to use for the categories on your website, and the articles in that category will be displayed according to that template.

You can use various templates on the same website to create a unique and visually appealing look.

2.2. Templates for Articles

You have access to a library of article and blog post templates that you can use each time you publish new content on your website.

Since there’s no single template that can be used to display any number of various types of articles, it is good to note that the Newspaper template now has more than 30 different article templates.

In addition, the front-end editor allows you to customize and edit these templates so that your content is beautiful before it is published.

3- Free Premium Plugins

The Newspaper theme comes with a different group of premium plugins at no extra cost. This is one of the most significant features of the theme.

It is possible to customize any element of the theme with these plugins, and the most important ones are:

3.1. tagDiv Composer (Page Builder)

tagdiv composer edited
tagDiv Composer

tagDiv Composer page builder is another powerful component of the Newspaper theme.

Since it was built by the same team that developed the theme, tagDiv Composer can be described as a powerful and lightweight plugin.

As a result of the plugin, you can create pages from the front-end while simultaneously previewing changes on the website pages.

In addition, the template footer and header can be created and customized completely using this tool.

If you can do this, your site can stand out from the crowd, and you can present your ideas in unique and new ways.

3.2. tagDiv Social Counter

social counter widget
tagDiv Social Counter

Displays your social media stats, such as the number of Facebook friends you have and how many Twitter followers you have, in an eye-catching way with this is a unique plugin.

3.3. tagDiv Cloud Library

tagDiv Cloud Library
tagDiv Cloud Library

Cloud Library is where you’ll find all pre-built templates that help create a Newspaper template.

Using tagDiv’s cloud library, you can create elements in a matter of minutes with over 45 different layouts.

The drag-and-drop feature in the tagDiv Cloud Library plugin makes it easy to import and customize templates.

3.4.  tagDiv Mobile Theme

AMP Compatible

You can use the mobile version of your newspaper template to improve its performance on mobile devices.

The plugin helps make mobile users’ experience as fast and straightforward as that of those on a desktop.

With this plugin, users on mobile devices can still enjoy a high-quality template experience.

Even when this plugin is not installed, the template is still flawlessly responsive on various devices.

3.5. tagDiv Newsletter

newsletter widget

Using this plugin, you can easily integrate a newsletter subscription widget into your website and make it look beautiful.

Many popular marketing services, such as Mailchimp and Mailer Lite, are compatible with the plugin.

As a plus, tagDiv Composer page builders can now use this plugin natively.

And there are other plugins included with the theme, you can check them,

4- Smart Sidebar

create a beautiful WP page 1 edited

You can also create multiple sidebars on your site using the Newspaper template.

Using the Smart Sidebar feature, you can control when and where it appears.

This allows you to create a sidebar with news or offers related to a specific category of website content.

When a user views an article from that category, the sidebar associated with that category and its user interface elements are displayed (widgets).

You can, for example, use this feature to customize a sidebar for a travel-related category and display ads related to hotel and flight deals.

When someone wants to read a travel article, the sidebar will display related offers, links, and other content.

This increases the chances of users interacting with your sidebar, which helps in conversion.

When customizing the sidebar, you can also use the sticky sidebar feature, which pins one or more specific elements displayed on the page even if the visitor scrolls down the page.

This feature can help promote critical things, such as a new ad offer or a mailing subscription form if you have them.

5- Easy to place ads

Screenshot 3

Ads are a valuable resource for any blog or website, and the Newspaper template has made it much easier to add banner ads to your site.

There are several places on each page of the template where ads can be placed while providing a steady browsing experience for the user.

Of course, adding HTML code to these banners is simple using the template control panel.

6- Full Control Panel

Newspaper Theme panel

7- Other Features

The list of theme features is much to cover in a single article.

However, here are some extras to give you a quick overview of what you can do with this amazing theme:

  • It is possible to include social counter widgets on your website.
  • The ability to display weather forecasts in the sidebar.
  • The ability to view Instagram photos through a widget.
  • The ability to display the exchange rates for your selected currencies in the sidebar.
  • Create your photo galleries with ease.
  • The ability to display a news ticker in the site’s header.
  • A video tutorial library covers all of the theme’s properties and settings.

These are just a few of the Newspaper theme features, you can see the complete list by visiting the theme page on ThemeForest.

Newspaper Theme Price

  • The template can be purchased from ThemeForest.
  • The cost is $59.
  • This package includes lifetime access to theme updates and six months of support.


If you are creating a website for the first time, the template library included with the Newspaper theme will help you.

Not only do the pre-built templates help the theme stand out from other WordPress themes, but so do the simple setup options, which assure that almost anyone can customize the theme to their personal preference.

The theme’s features focusing on mobile phone users are also worth mentioning again, especially given the continued growth in smartphone Internet browsing.

Exactly, there are many great multipurpose WordPress themes available. Still, when choosing a theme, it is crucial to select one with a good reputation so that you can benefit from future support.

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