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Hostinger Review 2022 – Cheap Hosting, But is it Good?

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Hostinger is one of the largest and most well-known web hosting providers globally.

Hostinger has made a name by offering the most affordable hosting plans, with prices starting at $0.99 per month.

However, the price has recently changed due to the company’s acquisition of over 29 million customers.

As a result, Hostinger hosting has established itself as one of the leading ones among the most popular hosting providers.

I will do a full review about this amazing Hosting provider, explain the pros and cons of Hostinger hosting in-depth, and offer the best deal for you.

About Hostinger

Screenshot 24

Hostinger is celebrating its 17th anniversary, a long-awaited achievement.

It was founded in 2004 in Lithuania under the name Hosting media.

Then, in 2007, it launched 000WebHost, a free WordPress hosting service.

Free hosting does not provide you with all of the functionality you require to launch your website, and all resources are limited.

Hosting24.com was launched in 2008 to provide Cpanel hosting service.

As a result, 6 years after its launch, it had one million users.

Then, in 2011, a new brand called Hostinger was introduced.

Hostinger Offers

Hostinger provides three basic packages to its customers, each of which includes a free domain.com, e xcept for the first plan, it does not provide a free domain, despite the fact that Hostinger hosting costs is suitable for everyone.

The pricing for shared web hosting are shown below.

PackagesSingle Premium Business 
Websites Number1100100
Storage 30 GB100 GB200 GB
Emails Number1100100
Free SSLYesYesYes
Free domainNoYesYes
Monthly price$1.99$2.99$4.99
> Grap Deal
> Gr`ap Deal> Grap Deal
Hostinger Hosting Pricing Table

Hostinger is wonderful because it provides the most popular types of hosting (shared hosting). And we’ll explain it to you in the next section

Hostinger Features

Success often does not happen out of the blue. In order to sustain successful sales ratios, the hosting provider, for example, relies on supplying many features over time.

Types of Hosting Provided by Hostinger

One of the most important aspects of the company is its ability to supply the most popular and demanded types of hosting, such as:

  • Cpanel Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • WooCommerce Hosting
  • cloud hosting

The company also offered one of the most essential and popular types of web servers on the market, VPS Servers.

Minecraft server hosting

Also hostinger provide the most popular game servers, such as Minecraft servers. Anyone interested in purchasing a gaming server can do so at a reasonable cost with hostinger.


Customers who need hosting that works with a capable server that never stops working put uptime as one of their top objectives.

Because uptime represents the frequency of continuous hosting work, it is expressed as a percentage.

It’s also difficult to find a hosting provider that guarantees 100% uptime, unless you’re looking for an extremely unusual and limited service with very high costs.

As a result, Hostinger provides its customers with 99.9 percent uptime, which is great for many customers.

Multiple Datacenters

Hostinger offers hosting in a variety of data centers, as it has more than one, starting with the main branch in Lithuania.

It also has branches in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Singapore, India, and Brazil.

Migrating your Website to Hostinger

Hostinger allows you to migrate your websites from the old hosting provider to the Hostinger hosting for free.

It does not require any payment, and this is one of Hostinger’s most distinctive features that sets it apart from many other hosting providers.


Thus, backup should always be a priority when purchasing new hosting for your website.

It is important to have a backup copy of your website’s files and databases in case you make one of the common mistakes when modifying your website, and need to re-modify it after saving.

So, whether you purchase a hosting from Hostinger or somewhere else, make sure it has a backup service.

All Hostinger plans, on the other hand, provide free weekly backups.


Limited resources in single and Premium Shared package

One disadvantage of Hostinger’s single and Premium Shared package is that the RAM and processor resources are somewhat limited.

This could cause many issues, including the website being heavy or slow to load.

It will likely not be desirable to clients because the site’s load gives them a negative impression of the site, and as a result, you may lose a significant amount of your website visits.

This is due to depleting the site’s already limited resources; hence, purchasing the third package, which includes advanced and better resources, is preferable.

No free domain on the first package

Yes, Hostinger does not include a free domain in the first package.

This may require the purchase of a second or third package, or you can purchase a domain from other websites.

Limited Backup

Although Hostinger offers a weekly backup, weekly backups may not be enough for many businesses or websites that want a quick and continuous backup.

Many sites, such as news sites that post news daily or movie sites that publish new movies or episodes daily, require their content to be constantly updated.

These sites all require daily backups to prevent data loss or damage.

As a result, if you want a daily backup of your website files, you should upgrade to the second or third package.

Then you may receive daily backups, or you can use a free plugin for backups as another option.

Best WordPress BackupPlugins

Updraftplus (Best – Free and Paid)

Backupbuddy (Paid)

BackWPup (Free)

Final though

We stated in our review that Hostinger is one of the best hosting providers.

it is an excellent choice for many customers who want to get suitable and cheap hosting in comparison to many web hosting providers.

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