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How to Fix “Sorry, You Are Not Allowed to Access This Page”

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Sometimes WordPress site owners have access issues with the dashboard, and one of these issues is “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.”  This prevents the site owner from accessing the WordPress dashboard or some other settings.

It is always simple to solve this problem by trying each possible solution one at a time. We will learn about these solutions that allow you to do so in the next sections.

Why did you get this error?

This issue could be a warning that there is a problem with your sites, such as a conflict between the data between the plugins and the theme with the databases, or it could be caused by the permissions used or an old version of PHP.

Users can still access and use the site, but they will be unable to access the dashboard, whether to upload content, edit the site, or for other reasons.

To begin fixing this issue, you must first be able to access the hosting provider’s cPanel and files manager. And, if you are not an administrator on the site, you must write to the site’s responsible person to obtain the necessary permissions to perform your task.

This issue may also appear once the user opens the WordPress site’s dashboard, or it may prevent the user from opening the dashboard or performing some settings.

Fix error “Sorry, You Are Not Allowed to Access This Page”

The solution is not complicated and does not require advanced knowledge of WordPress; all you need is access to the site files and a little patience. Because the problem does not have a single cause and can only be fixed by testing, you must first make a backup copy of the site and then proceed as follows:

Check the problem

Before moving on to the steps to fix the issue, there are a few quick fixes that can be done and may lead to a fix without wasting a lot of time and effort, which are as follows:

  • Clear the browser’s cache: The browser may save some old data and files that haven’t been renewed. It is a good idea to clear the cache in this case, and it is worth noting that the steps differ from browser to browser. Also, if a backup or caching plugin is enabled on the site, it is best to clear the cache.
  • Try using a different browser: This should be the next step; there may be some settings that are causing an issue. Sorry, you do not have access to this page, in which case you should change your browser.
  • Restore your site backup: If you have an old backup of your site and have made changes, restoring it will restore your previous site settings.
  • Check to see if You have access to the Dashboard: If you have access to the Dashboard but are unable to access certain pages such as Settings, Pages, or Plugins. You should double-check your role here. You can do this by going to Users > All Users and then selecting the user level from the list on the left side of the screen.
users role

Disable all Plugins

Plugins can sometimes cause issues. B by disabling it, you can resolve the issue and restore stability to the site. But first, you need access to your site files, either using an FTP software or via the cpanel.

To find all the plugins installed on the site, navigate to public html, then wp-content, and then select the plugins choice. Then rename the plugins (rename them to something other than their original name by adding “Deactivate”) by right-clicking on them and selecting Rename (Plugins.Deactivate).

deactivate all plugins
Deactivate From Dashboard
Deactivate Plugins ftp
Deactivate from FTP

Change the theme

If the first step does not work, you must disable the theme installed on the site by following the same steps above and heading to the wp-content folder, where you will see the themes folder, which you must rename to themes.deactivate (or any name other than the name of the original)

And try to enter the site again; if it works, then there is a problem with the theme; it is recommended that you contact the theme’s developer or use another theme.

Fix/Repair .htaccess file

Repairing the .htaccess file may also resolve the issue of “sorry, you do not have access to this page.” To do so, navigate to your file manager and click public_html.

Then, right-click on the .htaccess file and select Rename, giving it a name like .htaccess.old.

ftp htaccess

After that, you must test the site to verify if it functions properly. If it doesn’t work, delete the .htaccess file completely.

To create a new file, go to your WordPress dashboard and select Settings > Permalinks. Scroll down and click Save Changes without making any changes, and the .htaccess file will be created automatically.

Modify File Permissions

There are some issues in defining file permissions, as these permissions decide who can use and access the file, and in order to modify the permissions of the incorrect files, go to the site files (FTP), then click on public_html, and select both the wp-admin file, wp-content, and wp-include. Change Permissions by right-clicking it.

ftp permission

Then make sure all files are selected for the User option. The number below is 755

Screenshot 3 1

After that, select the files and click on Change Permissions.

And change the settings to 644, shown in the picture below, before clicking on Change Permissions.

Screenshot 1 1 1

So, those were some steps to follow in order to fix the issue. You Are Not Allowed to Access This Page, view this page. If the problem is still not fixed, you should contact your hosting provider.

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