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Elementor Review (2022): Is It The Best WordPress Builder?

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Elementor is a page builder to use WordPress tools and pre-made templates, and it also allows you to customize them to add your touch and the characteristics you want, such as fonts, animations, background images, and so on, through an easy and smooth tool to use, and you do not need to be an expert in coding, as it works only through Drag and drop. Programmers, marketers, and website owners all find this plugin useful.

And if you’re wondering why you should use Elementor, here’s why. We inform you that it has over 100 design and content creation tools, including buttons, photos, videos, icons, social media icons, and more, and that it also helps you to build mobile-friendly, SEO-friendly, and bug-free pages from scratch. It allows you to create a whole website as well as landing pages sites.

Elementor Features

The Elementor plugin includes many features in addition to building websites and pages, which is why it has grown to run on over three million websites:

Create custom designs

Simply said, the tool provides you with more designs and patterns than any other plugin, allowing you to make and enter basic adjustments such as colors, fonts, spacing, and so on. The free package includes these features. Elementor Pro is a premium subscription that includes the following features:

  • Animation Effects: The tool allows you to create animations like mouse cursor tracking, scrolling, and rotation.
  • Custom Placement: Place elements and components wherever you want on the page, defying section and column layouts.
  • Shapes Dividers: Make dividers between different shapes and sections.
  • If changes aren’t enough, Elementor Pro includes a custom CSS insert.
  • Provide a variety of resource “widgets”
  • Aside from the designs, you may use the Elementor extension to obtain a variety of content elements, especially in the paid membership Elementor Pro.

Elementor Pro includes over 60 elements, such as icons for all websites and social media platforms, pricing tables, login forms, publishing networks, and much more. The Form Tool is one of the most flexible, completely replacing contact form plugins by integrating the form to popular email marketing companies such as MailChimp.

Save time with editor features

Yes, there are many plugins and tools that allow for the creation and modification of WordPress pages via visual interfaces and drag-and-drop features, but the Elementor plugin is the best among them, as it includes many unique features that other plugins do not, allowing for the creation of pages as quickly as possible.

  • Includes right-click support. Which not many website builder plugins offer, allows you to copy and paste items and stickers anywhere on the page.
  • There is also a Navigator tool that helps to quickly navigate between items, and you can name items to mark them to get to them as quickly as possible. Which is useful when working on complex designs.
  • And if you are thinking of creating a website from scratch using Elementor. With the Finder tool, it’s easy to quickly switch between Elementor designs and templates without leaving the plugin interface.

Pre-Made Templates

It might be time-consuming to create or modify templates from scratch. Elementor also comes with hundreds of usable templates to save you time. Which is separated into two groups:

  • Page Templates: Templates are ready to use; all you need to do is change the content.
  • Block Templates: These are templates for various sections of the page.

How to install the Elementor

Its installation, like any other WordPress plugin, is simple and quick, and there are two options for doing so:

1. How to install Elamentor via Elementor Website

elementor homepage
elementor home page

Go to Elementor Website and click “Choose Your Plan” if you want to purchase elementor pro or click “try the free version” to install free elementor.

let’s install the free version, you can work with free elementor it’s good too, click “try the free version” and create an account and follow the steps.

You should now choose whatever plan to join, and we have chosen the free plan.

install elementor via elementor website
install elementor via elementor website

Enter your website’s domain name and click check for WordPress.

Screenshot 1

To check you have a WordPress website, click on “Install Elementor”.

Screenshot 2

After that, you will be redirected to the website’s login page, and if you are already logged in, you will be taken straight to the Elementor plugin, where you should click on “Install Now” in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Wait some seconds for the plugin to install, after that click on “Activate Plugin”.

You can begin editing your website’s pages now as the Elementor plugin has been installed.

2. How to install Elamentor via the WordPress dashboard

  • From your dashboard, go to “Plugins” and click on “Add New”.
  • In the search bar in the right, search for “Elementor”.
  • Click on “Install Now”, and after installing it, click on “Activate”.
install elementor via wordpress
install elementor via WordPress

After that, you’ll be sent to the welcome page, and the Elementor plugin will be added to the sidebar. This sidebar element is for settings only, not page editing, I will show you how to use elementor now.

How to use the Elementor extension

With Elementor, you can design and edit pages in real-time, thanks to a new and simple interface design that everyone can use.

So first create a new page by going to “Pages” then click “add new”.
Click Edit with Elementor to begin building your page.

edit page with elementor

You will access the page builder in the Elementor plugin, which includes the following:

The widgets sidebar on the left side contains many drags and drop features used to create web pages; simply hold and drag to where you want to add the item.

Screenshot 5

These sections, columns, and items are all controlled by a blue custom handle. To do this, right-click on the blue handle and select Edit. As you scroll down the page, you will be able to drag the items to an empty area.

Screenshot 6

You can add different elements to the page such as titles, images, or more advanced features such as animated titles, etc. The settings allow you to modify the Elementor’s default colors, fonts, and basic settings.

In the Actions section of Elementor, there is a built-in history and review feature. You can track changes from here, switch between them, and return to previous modifications.

In the basic plan, you have limited sections to add if you want more you need to purchase the pro version it’s a one-time payment of $49.

Elementor Pricing

The plugin is available in two plans: free and paid. The free version includes more than 20 layouts and 30 widgets for adding to pages, and the following plans are available:

elementor pricing
elementor pricing

The basic plan, in which you will learn more about WordPress and its features, costs $49 per year, supports only one site, and includes more than 300 templates and more than 90 widgets.

The advanced plans cost $99 per year and can be installed on three sites. The professional plan is $199 and allows you to use the Elementor on 25 sites. If you want more professionalism, the fourth plan costs $499 per year and can be installed on 100 sites.

The free version, on the other hand, allows the use of drag and drop features, which makes site creation and page editing as quickly as possible. You can also upgrade to Elementor Pro if you want more features.


In this article, we discussed how to use Elementor to create, modify, and update websites and landing pages. It includes several features that boost the site’s visibility in search engines and keep its speed by compressing files and images, and it also supports all WordPress themes. 

I do recommend using the elementor plugin, as it is the best page builder for WordPress.

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