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Bluehost Hosting Review 2022: Is It Good?

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Bluehost hosting is one of the most well-known and best-selling WordPress hosting services globally.

For over ten years, one of the best WordPress hosting services has provided hosting and a domain for free.

I must say that this rating has nothing to do with my personal experience with Bluehost hosting.

It also does not depend entirely on my experience with Bluehost service.

However, the best web hosting analysis and review sites in the world rank Bluehost at the top of the list.

This rating was based on various factors, the most important of which are WordPress developers’ support for Bluehost.

In addition, user reviews and ratings for Bluehost hosting during the last years.

So, let’s learn and review the Bluehost hosting service to understand more about it.

However, we will learn about the most important features of Bluehost hosting and how it became one of the best WordPress hosting.

About Bluehost Hosting

Bluehost Hosting has been one of the EIG groups since it joined in 2011. The EIG group (Endurance International Group) is the one that controls one of the best hosting services.

After that, EIG focused on Bluehost to outperform the group’s hosting companies in recent years.

It also provided Bluehost servers with modern technologies to remain the top hosting service.

Bluehost Hosting Features

One of the most important features of Bluehost hosting is that it has improved all of web servers and included many components to help speed up hosting while keeping it stability for the maximum duration.


If you read the Bluehost explanation on their official website, you will discover that Bluehost hosting offers the most up-to-date technologies for speeding up the WordPress site.

This is done to give outstanding service while keeping the company’s position of consistently obtaining a stability uptime of 99.98 percent.

This is has led to bluehost hosting having over 2 million websites on its servers.

Does Bluehost offer a free domain?

Bluehost hosting offers a free domain when you choose any package; even if you purchase the cheapest package, you will get cheap hosting with a free domain, saving you about $14 off the purchase of a domain.

Bluehost Cpanel

rock advanced general information server information
Bluehost cPanel

The control panel is straightforward and easy and does not require any experience, as it is an improved version of CPanel, so Bluehost designed it to be unique in terms of design and some new features.

Is backup free?

Even with the basic hosting package, Bluehost provides daily backups that are free of cost. You can restore your website with a single click. You can also subscribe to the PRO backup’s paid version, which allows you to restore certain files from the website in a matter of minutes.

technical support

Bluehost’s technical support operates in four methods to facilitate access to all categories, so you can communicate either by phone or email.

Also, by opening a ticket from the control panel, and the nice thing is that the Live Chat feature is available.

Free advertising coupon worth $200

A $150 advertising coupon for use in Google and Bing ads. When you purchase Bluehost hosting, you get it for free, however, this offer is only available in the Plus and Pro packages, not the Basic package.

Bluehost optimize your site

When you read the support team’s posts on Bluehost hosting, you’ll find that they have a dedicated section in Bluehost to monitor users’ sites, so sites that utilize a majority of server resources are separated.

As a result, it is relocated to other servers to reduce the risk to regular customers’ good sites.

Another interpretation is that your site will be hosted on a server organized with websites that use server resources minimally.

Bluehost hosting prices

Bluehost offers three hosting packages to meet the needs of all users, with the first package being suitable for many small and medium-sized website owners.

number of websites1Unlimited Unlimited 
Storage space50 GBUnlimited Unlimited 
Google Ads/Bing CreditsNo$200$200
Free Domain111
Deals> Grab Deal 🎁> Grab Deal 🎁> Grab Deal 🎁

30-day money-back

Bluehost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you request a refund and keep the domain for a year, the cost of purchasing the domain will be deducted from the total cost.

Bluehost hosting Cons

We must admit that each hosting service has its own set of cons. From this perspective, I will describe the most significant Bluehost limitations and how to overcome them.

Megrating your website to Bluehost is not free

Some hosting providers, such as SiteGround, offer free transfer service when you purchase a package with them, but this option is not available for free, and you may obtain it for $149.99.

However, migrating a WordPress website from one hosting provider to another has become much easier than in the past and totally for free. I will do a detailed explanation of how to do that step by step in the next articles.

Constant upsells: Their system is jam-packed with upsell offers, which can be bothersome.
Speed could be improved: Bluehost’s speed was not at the top of the ranking; the speed needs to be improved.
Only US-based servers: Unlike other services, you can only host your site in the United States. If your visitors are from other parts of the world, they may encounter a (very) slow site.
Limited backup options: The entry-level plans lack a reliable backup option.
Limitations of the Basic plan: The cheaper plan has many limitations in terms of the number of sites, databases, and email addresses you may establish.


In conclusion, what should i say after discussing Bluehost hosting and showing the most important features, and the service still leads the list of the best WordPress shared hosting according to the official website to this day

With 30-days Money back, you try Bluehost and see for yourself, and let me know your personal experience in the comments.

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